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Medicines commonly used on goats
(everyone should keep these on hand)

Robert Spencer

Urban Regional Extension Specialist
Alabama Cooperation Extension System

Vaccines: CD+T
Tetanus Antitoxin

Vitamins- Goat Nutridrench
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin E (or Selenium)

Antibiotics: Procain Pennicillin G
Biomycin 200 or (LA-200)
Tetriacycline Eye ointment

Other: Probios
7% Iodine
Bloodstop Powder
(antacids) Mylanta, Pepto Bismol, Baking Soda

20 gauge needles ½ -1/” long (NEVER REUSE NEEDLES)
Syringe bodies from 3cc to 35 cc sizes

Most things you will need can be ordered online or over the phone from Caprine Supply at 1-800-646-7736 or
Jeffers Supply at 1-800 -JEFFERS or

Wormers commonly used on goats

Safeguard (only wormer on the market labeled for goats)
Use 2 or 3 times the suggested dose because the worms have developed resistance

Ivermectin (gets most worms other than tapeworms and lungworms, kills lice)

Valbazen (kills most worms and tapeworms)

Tramisol (kill most worms including lungworms, but not tapeworms)

Cydectin (newest class of wormers, and most effective because of its newness, still doesn’t kill tapeworms, it is probably best to wait to use this wormer until all others fail)

Other parasites:

Coccidia: use medicated feed for kids, treat coccidiosis with Corid and/or Sulmet (The best option is to drench affected kids with recommended amount orally instead of putting it in the water. That way you know each kid gets enough)

Lice: Use commercial lice powder and/or worm with Ivermectin.

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