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  is a site dedicated to the sweet, lovable beasts who are the cream of the goat crop. The most valuable part of the site is the collection of educational information displayed on these pages. Over time, we have found that a number of sites with good educational information have not been maintained, leaving a bunch of broken links. Therefore, we have designed pages that have the "snapshot" information about raising your boer goat.

Synopsis of sections:

Goat Breeder's Directory

Our Goat Breeders Directory, that list state by state to help you find a breeder near you.

Goat Veterinarians

Find a Goat Veterinarian near you with this Goat Veterinarian directory. If you have a good vet that is not listed, you can send us that information so we can get it posted

Goat Research Articles

The foundation of this site is these archived articles about Goat care. When we designed this site, our goal was to create a repository of information about Boer Goats, and the research corner is a treasure chest of information.

Mr. Robert Spencer, Urban Regional Extension Specialist, Alabama Cooperation Extension System has written several articles on goats.

Dr. Maria Lenira Leite-Browning, Extension Animal Scientist, Alabama A&M University also has several goat articles we have included.

Goat Medical Information

This section contains information directly related to your goat's medical needs. It includes an alphabetical listing of Goat Related terms (or Goat Glossary).

Goat Business Articles

Marketing your Boer Goat business is no small task, therefore, we have collected some good articles about Goat Business strategies.

Boer Goat Feed Labels

We have collected Goat Feed labels for a number of the Goat feeds and other products, sold by the Tennessee CO-OP and others. We are presenting them here for your comparison and evaluation.

Goat Nutrition

All meat goat producers are concerned about their Goat Nutrition needs. This section provides a lot of information to help with your Goat's Nutritional care.

Goat Related 4H Information

For 4H projects dealing with Boer Goats, please consult this section.

Goat Supplies and Services

This small section has a listing of Goat Supplies and services, such as Goat Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer Supplies and Services.

Goats For Sale

Please see our For Sale page to see some listing of Boer Goats for Sale.

Upcoming Events

See our calendar for upcoming events that you may want to participate in.

Thank you for visiting this site. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Recommended Reading

Are you new in the Goat Business and want to learn more? Check out Clear Creek Farms Articles.

Or check out the Goat Breeder Recommended Reading List.



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